The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade

The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade confounds the line of education and entertainment by merging comprehension with maturity on the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade levels. J. Walker knew that the typical book would not suffice in aiding teachers in their quest of making their students more literate. She used what she learned while tutoring More Info »

Dust Bunny

“Dust Bunny” follows the crime-fighting rabbit and his resilient partner, Mite, as they embark on an investigation to discover who is issuing burn notices throughout Basement City. Black and white, 180 pages.

Variable Star

An unlikable slob and his partner attempt to escape their boring space jobs, lightyears from the nearest civilization.

Pace 1 Dies With Both Eyes on the Jackpot

A bus ride downtown in the utopian future of Cleveland, Ohio.


You are the Cat Heroes who must stop the Chaos Gods of other animals from conquering the world – and the humans will never know! magine if H.P. Lovecraft and his followers had intuited a little of what’s going on in the cosmos… but missed some rather important details. For example, the hideous Powers that Be are More Info »