Here comes a treat for all of us who first began reading The New Yorker for the cartoons. Joining us for SPX 2011 is the indelible Roz Chast. A staff cartoonist for The New Yorker since 1979, Ms. Chast depicts every-day anxieties in a refreshing, unexpected manner. In her 2006 collection, titled Theories of Everything, we’re entertained with snapshots of what everyone is really thinking but no one ever says out loud. A woman called Nadine is startled when addressed as “Ma’am” for the first time. The seasons are divided into their respective budgets — have you ever really considered how much snow costs to create? A woman wears the “other” scarlet letters “P.C.R.” for having a poor credit risk, while a man wears “C.I.,” advertising his computer illiteracy.

Through these little moments, we’re comforted about our own hang-ups. After all, we are thinking about that ice-cream flow chart, we just aren’t talking about it.

Ms. Chast has published numerous collections of her work and most recently, a children’s book titled Too Busy Marco. A delightful interview is available online at and her personal website can be found at

-Molly Price


Sequential art enthusiast and printed-word fancier Molly Price discovered the Small Press Expo in 2009 and has been hooked ever since.  She lives in Baltimore with her dog and fish, and keeps a blog at