About the Lottery

Why the lottery? Here’s a crazy notion: SPX has literally doubled in size since 2011. We are now able to accommodate a larger and more diverse group of creators than ever before. And we’re committed to keeping SPX open to all, whether you’re just starting out or have been honing your craft for years. Moving to a table Lottery allows us to meet these goals while removing the potential for unfairness and unquestionable inconvenience that had crept into our “first come, first serve” process.

We’ll have a simple initial registration and a two week window of lottery registration so you won’t be dealing with website crashes. There is no advantage in rushing to apply early. This will be a truly random and fair process to reserve your tables.



What to Expect

1. There will be a two week window to register for the Lottery, so we can avoid the crazy, mad rush to sign up online that plagued us last year. Multiple reminders will go out via our e-mail list and social media to be sure that this is kept on everyone’s radar.

2. On February 1, 2015, the lottery registration will become available and the lottery registration period will last between February 1 and February 15, 2015.

3. The lottery registration will take place through a web page on the SPXPO.com website. We will provide basic instructions on this page that can also be viewed in the FAQ section below.

4. Each lottery registrant will receive an e-mail containing their own randomly generated 6-digit number that you will receive within 48 hours of registering for the lottery.

5. Once the lottery registration period is completed on February 15, 2015, we will have a digital coin flipper to determine whether we sort the random numbers by ascending or descending order. The lottery registrant list will then be sorted by random number according to the coin flip, and those tables above the capacity threshold will be selected to exhibit at SPX 2014. The order of the tables below the capacity threshold will determine the wait list.

6. In late February/early March we will notify everyone about all table winners about how to pay for tables and register their badges.

7. Lottery registrants that were not selected in the lottery will be notified of their place in the wait list, and may opt out of the wait list at this time.


 A Few Simple Lottery Rules

1. One lottery entry per person.

2. Please use the name on your lottery entry that will go into the Program Guide and on the SPX Exhibitors web page. If you prefer to be listed in the program and website by your publishing imprint, you will be able to select this as an option in the payment process after the lottery selection is made.

3. Tables can only be transferred or assigned to a tablemate whose badge is registered for the winning table(s) at the time the payment is made.

4. Payments for tables won in the lottery must be made by April 15. Tables not paid for by April 15 will be released to the Wait List.

5. By participating in The Table Lottery you are agreeing that he SPX Steering Committee will serve as the sole arbiter for any penalties resulting from misconduct during your participation in the SPX Table Lottery.


In response to incidents of cheating SPX reserves the right to exclude the offending entrants from future table lottery participation and SPX show promotional materials. Please follow the rules, play fair, and uphold the community spirit that makes this show fun to put on and participate in.


Please see the FAQ below for additional information. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to send us a note to [email protected] and we will get right back to you with answers.




When Is the Lottery Registration Period?

Lottery registration will be open for the three weeks between February 1 and February 15, 2015. We will not conduct the drawing until after the lottery registration period has closed, so there’s no need to rush in making your submission.


How Will the Lottery Registration Work?

On February 1 the lottery registration will open. Once this form is completed, you will receive an email immediately confirming that your submission has been received. This email will not have your randomly generated six-digit registration number.

Within 48 hours of completing your registration, you will receive a second email with your six-digit randomly generated registration number. This period allows us the time to confirm that an application has all the appropriate information. This is the number that will be used in the lottery selection. We strongly recommend you write this number down somewhere else, in case your computer crashes or email is hacked or some other crazy biz.

In late February/early March we will then notify the winners and wait list order.


How Are the Random Numbers Generated?

As each lottery registration is submitted, we will assign a 6-digit random number that is created through Random.org. The number will be in the range between 100000 and 999999.


Who Am I Registering For in the Lottery?

This lottery registration is for everyone at your table, just as if you were registering without the lottery. If your number is selected in the lottery, you will be directed to the badge registration process where you will list everyone at your table, pay for the table, and pay for any extra badges (if applicable).


How Many Tables Can I Register For in the Lottery?

You can register in the lottery for up to 2 full tables. Each half table has includes one badge (so if you have 2 full tables, that’s 4 badges). Extra badges will be $10 each, to be paid at time of the badge registration process after the drawing. A fully automated system to add badges or edit the names on your badges will be available by May 2014.


How Much Do Tables Cost?

0.5 table: $175

1 table: $350

1.5 tables: $525

2 tables: $700


How Big Are the Tables?

A half table is 3′ L x 2.5′ W. A full table is 6′ L x 2.5′ W.


How Many People Can Sit At My Table?

While we have no explicit limit on the number of people sitting at your table (or half table), we strongly suggest you plan to have maximum two people per half table, or four people per table. Even this many people can be a squeeze! Our recommendation is that four people behind a table works best, but this is not a hard rule.


Can I Register For the Lottery More Than Once?

Please register for the lottery one time. We are anticipating more submissions than ever before, and double (or triple, or quadruple) submissions will only slow down the process! We have people monitoring these lottery submissions on a daily basis and we will be deleting duplicates so all that effort will be for naught. We want this process to be transparent and fair – trying to game the system only hurts our ability to bring you a great show and will impact our registration process for next year.


How Will the Wait List Work?

The order of the tables with lottery registrants that have random numbers below the capacity threshold will determine the order of the wait list. Everyone will be notified of their place in the wait list. If an exhibitor that was selected via the lottery (or legacy list) is unable to attend, the person at the top of the wait list will be notified and asked to complete the Badge Registration process if they are still able to attend.


Help! I’m Confused!

Not a problem! Do not hesitate to send us a note to [email protected] and we will get right back to you.